Desperation/inspiration (a.k.a Life)

Hi all,

Thanks for reading. It’s a mixed bag tonight of some desperation and some inspiration!

I have been down and out with Bronchitis for about a week now. I feel crappy. Warn out. Pissed off that I couldn’t run in the 5K race I had lined up for the weekend. I was tempted to run it anyway. Really, really wanted to. But I had a long talk with my body and body said umm, no. Not a good idea. I realized that it was mostly my ego who would be gutted by not running it. So I made the decision to listen to something other than my ego. Wise move. I feel good when I make good decisions.

I’ve been coughing non-stop. And I can barely breathe. It super sucks. But enough of my complaining! All this just to say – we are always balancing the physical, the emotional, and the mental – and maybe they all get the better of us sometimes, huh? Staying positive is hard when there are challenges like these. But we can do it!

Here are 2 pieces of wisdom I have been reflecting on recently.

Both of these apply to daily life, daily decision-making, daily reaction to life!

Life-is-a-balanceinspirational-quote-offense-rene-descartes (1)

I absolutely love this and I have been thinking about it for months, since the first time i found it. Words to live by. Blessings to all of you tonight –