An Extraordinary Human Being

In the past three months I have lost my marriage, two very close friends, 15 pounds, my house… and on Sunday, my grandfather.

I don’t want to add ‘my job’ to that list (which is why i haven’t posted in a while).

Through all of this, I have had this idea brewing in my head of an extraordinary human being. Being one, and understanding what it is to be one.

But what does it mean? For me, it means admitting flaws, being generous with your grace, honest with your intentions, invested deeply in your life, focused, and devoted to giving back to the world more than you take from it. Probably lots more. Integrity, rigor, forgiveness to name a few.

I have not always been the human I want to be. Every day I strive.

I’m curious – readers – what do you think makes an extraordinary human? Do you like this idea? Want to be one? Want to partner with one?

I would love your thoughts.



Desperation/inspiration (a.k.a Life)

Hi all,

Thanks for reading. It’s a mixed bag tonight of some desperation and some inspiration!

I have been down and out with Bronchitis for about a week now. I feel crappy. Warn out. Pissed off that I couldn’t run in the 5K race I had lined up for the weekend. I was tempted to run it anyway. Really, really wanted to. But I had a long talk with my body and body said umm, no. Not a good idea. I realized that it was mostly my ego who would be gutted by not running it. So I made the decision to listen to something other than my ego. Wise move. I feel good when I make good decisions.

I’ve been coughing non-stop. And I can barely breathe. It super sucks. But enough of my complaining! All this just to say – we are always balancing the physical, the emotional, and the mental – and maybe they all get the better of us sometimes, huh? Staying positive is hard when there are challenges like these. But we can do it!

Here are 2 pieces of wisdom I have been reflecting on recently.

Both of these apply to daily life, daily decision-making, daily reaction to life!

Life-is-a-balanceinspirational-quote-offense-rene-descartes (1)

I absolutely love this and I have been thinking about it for months, since the first time i found it. Words to live by. Blessings to all of you tonight –