Mom. Writer. Soon to be Divorcee.

I started this blog a few years ago when I decided to stop drinking with my crazy ex and start listening to the voice inside me that was – by all accounts – dying.

My sobriety afforded me some major realizations and was the beginning to rediscovering some really important things I’d lost. Self-Respect and Dignity being two of the main ones.

My life now – is wonderful in so many ways. I am independent in a way I’ve always dreamed of. I support myself and my daughter.

I have an amazing new partner. We get each other. We laugh constantly. It does feel like I have finally met my other half.

But he’s not my whole life. Recovery, paying it forward, writing, friends, and starting my own business all have pieces of my heart.

This new version of the blog is my attempt to indulge my urge to finally poke fun of myself and all the shenanigans and crazy turns my life has taken. How did I get here? Did I miss the normal life bus stop?

…. Wouldn’t change a thing. But ready to laugh about it, and I hope you will come along with me…..

***Just another hard working girl with big dreams and big problems***

Writer to the core.


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